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Effective: September, 2015
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Station #1 (Headquarters)
108 Urton Lane
Phone # (502) 245-7555
Fax # (502) 245-8086

Fire Prevention Division

Captain David Dittmer Sr.

Administrative Assistant- Patty Kryza
Chief Jeff Riddle
Assistant Chief Andy Longstreet
Department Chaplain- Reverend CJ Wright

1st Platoon

Major Brad Michel

Captain Natalie Taylor
Sergeant Bobby Shanks
Firefighter Bryan Federico
Firefighter Mike O'hara

2nd Platoon

Major Brad Oser

Captain David McFarland
Sergeant Emily Kaskie
Firefighter Jared Durtche F
irefighter Drew Daniel

3rd Platoon

Major Darryl Rhodes

Captain Matt Goolsby
Sergeant Tony Hairgrove
Firefighter Jason Karrer
Firefighter Craig Sciortino

Station #3
13012 Factory Lane
Phone # (502) 243-8555
Fax # (502) 736-2086




1st Platoon

Captain Jamie Fackler
Sergeant John Crask
Firefighter Jason Hayes

2nd Platoon

Captain Sean Taylor
Sergeant Mike Williams
Firefighter Ben Alvey

3rd Platoon

Captain Jason McCutchen
Sergeant David Noe
Firefighter Justin Wolting



Station #2
10217 Shelbyville Road
Phone # (502) 429-6777
Fax # (502) 425-9414

2nd Platoon

Captain Chad Keep
Sergeant Andy Downes
Firefighter Gideon Thurman
Firefighter Beau Schuster

1st Platoon

Captain Bob Tolson
Sergeant Brian Lukee

Firefighter Joe Tegethoff Firefighter Miguel Ferreira

Maintenance Division

Captain Kevin Catlett

3rd Platoon

Captain John Wheatley
Sergeant Jaime Caudill
Firefighter Tim Banks
Firefighter Brett Decker


Training Division

Captain Ron Maddux

Volunteer Firefighters

Saxton Helson, Jeremey Borras, Tyler Boyle, Loren Brown, Luke Burge, Mike Cunningham, Jonathan Duck, Tony Ford, Ivan Gonzalez, Zach Grieshaber, Aaron Hines, Bill Jenkins, Shawn Kaelin, Jerry Keener, Chris Lechman, Micah Montgomery, Paul Schmitt, Jocob Wilson, Jeremy Windham, Brandon Woosley